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Life & Health Insurance

Wide Range of Covered Services
Emergency and urgent care, specialist services, hospitilization, surgery, acupuncture, spinal manipulation by a chiropractor, prescription drug benefits and diagnostic tests are some of the covered services. BlueDirect does not provide benefits for maternity care (including and pregnancy covered services), behavioral health conditions, or chemical dependency (alcoholism or drug abuse).

Preventive Services Benefit
Plans A and B cover well-care and preventive health screenings such as lab tests, Pap tests, and mammograms, at 100% of covered charges up to $400 per calendar year. Thereafter, deductible and coinsurance apply. Plan C covers routine adult and well-child care exams for an office visit copayment.

Range of Deductibles
BlueDirect offers deductible options - ranging from $100 to $5,000 - so you can tailor the monthly premiums to fit your budget.

No Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation with Prior Creditable Coverage
Proof of prior creditable coverage can waive up to the full six months of the pre-existing conditions limitation. Please see Important Terms.

$5,000,000 Lifetime Maximum Benefit
$5 million in lifetime protection per covered member is substantial protection for today and the years ahead. Some services are subject to annual limits

Organ Transplants
Covered only at facilities that contract with BCBSNM or the national Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Blue Quality Centers for Transplants. See the Benefit Booklet for details.

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